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Yes... about the Reno Entrepreneurs Club...

I have been back in Silicon Valley for a while and haven't had time to commit to the Reno Entrepreneurs Club (REC).

When I return to Reno, I will start it up again because it was a blast!

I would transfer the Club to Silicon Valley (and rename it), but last I heard, Silicon Valley has plenty of clubs!

Meanwhile, please visit our site and download some Free Stuff.

Best Regards,


"Most people are not entrepreneurs, but technicians suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure. They're so busy working IN their business, they don't take the time to work ON their business." -- Michael Gerber

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks to the Siena Hotel and the Enoteca Wine Cellar for hosting the Reno Entrepreneurs Club's kickoff get-together.

Thank you Ed Sweet, Sommelier, for the service and wine advice from behind the bar, and thank you Zole Andahazy, Matre d' for providing the fabulous cheese plate.

Thank you Lane Cameron ( for your live music performance. Lane has been performing for Reno audiences for many years and operates a world-class recording studio. Enoteca always has primo jazz entertainment with a variety of musicians and styles.

And a special thank you to Daniel Alistair (alistairmagia[at] for your WOW! performance of magic, mystery, and wonderment. Daniel has performed up and down the West Coast including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Tijuana, and several venues here in Reno.

And thank you to those who came to the kickoff meeting. I had a blast!

Purpose & Plans

I've written a draft of the Reno Entrepreneurs Club's goals and purposes. To read the draft, click here.

I would love to hear from you. Please email your comments and suggestions! Thanks!


I started the Reno Entrepreneurs Club on the spur of the moment. Actually, I've been thinking about it for a while. I came to Reno because Reno was represented an the "new high-tech Mecca." I came back from Colorado to attend a TechAlliance meeting in February, 2003. They haven't had one since. Worse, they've merged with the government -- so that's the end of that -- except for taxes to support the remaining bureaucracy. (OK, I'm a cynic.)

Meanwhile, I had decided to leave Reno for high-tech pastures. But, in a recent conversation I heard myself say that if I left Reno, I would always regret not starting some sort of organization (a reason to have parties) here. Walla, the Reno Entrepreneurs Club.

But parties, while fun, are largely unproductive. So the question was what kind of organization would be both productive and fun. I toyed around with several names and got stuck trying to come up with the "perfect" name. So, I went with Reno Entrepreneurs Club.

Most of the folks I invited to the kickoff were "captive" employees. Perhaps they don't see themselves as entrepreneurs.

I understand. I was an employee once. I had never heard of an "entrepreneur" -- I just knew I wanted the hell out and to start some kind of business of my own. (Maybe because I'm the eldest son of a self-employed father.)

Years ago, I was on the steering committee of the fabulous Orinda Club. We produced huge, incredible, fun events.

I discovered that every event is an entrepreneurial venture, involving marketing, operations, and finance.

Next Meeting -- To be announced.


My "digital pinhole" camera with 640 KB and little wink-light didn't work so well in Enoteca's dim lighting as you can see. (You should see the photos before I digitally extracted the images from the darkness! Some were impossibly dark.) I got lucky with Daniel's photos because he was standing under an overhead light.












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