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This report provides general guidance for managing the maintenance of documentation typically used in high-tech environments involving computers, peripherals, software, etc. It presents an overview of various problems and identifies techniques and procedures designed to help management control and perform documentation maintenance.

There is growing interest in the maintenance of documentation.


Because frequently more resources are required to maintain existing documentation than to develop it in the first place!

This report addresses the need to use a maintenance policy throughout the documentation's life cycle.

The underlying theme is that improvements in documentation maintenance come primarily from policies, standards, and procedures enforced by management.

There are three major causes of increased burden of documentation maintenance:

  • Accelerating "leap-frog" technologies
  • More documentation to be maintained
  • Failure to improve methods and tools

This report discusses these problems and examines methods to solve them:

  • To help reduce the cost of documentation,
  • To improve its quality and effectiveness, and
  • To reduce incremental costs through proper maintenance.

To improve quality and effectiveness, it is necessary to:

  • Improve maintenance techniques and tools
  • Improve the management of maintenance

The next few pages address problems and frustrations associated with:

  • The maintenance process
  • Technical issues
  • Management issues

After that, we address various solutions, such as:

  • Ideal maintenance personnel
  • How to control and improve documentation maintenance
  • How to adopt various policies, techniques, and tools


Key words used:

documentation maintenance
adaptive maintenance
corrective maintenance
perfective maintenance



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