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"Technical writing that makes sense."

Freelance technical writer helps Silicon Valley managers solve technical documentation problems!

Mike Hayden, Technical Writer

Hi, I'm Mike Hayden, freelance technical writer and founder of the Documentation Express and Senior Management Services.

I like to tell our clients, "We Take The Pressure Off!"

Over 30 years, we've found that many managers are NOT GETTING WHAT THEY WANT FROM THEIR TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION PROJECTS! And, they experience a whole range of frustrations that never get satisfied.

But, I have something very encouraging to say about that. What we do is:

Find out how Mike Hayden, freelance writer can help you solve problems and seize opportunities.

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Can a freelance technical writer solve your maddening technical documentation problems - AND save you money?

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We have found that many people waste a lot of time, money, and effort in developing technical documentation - without even realizing it! There are at least a dozen key frustrations we find that plague technical writing projects over and over again, including:

Ever feel like that? You bet! Click here to download 3-page (PDF file) "Anatomy of a Documentation Project" (right click here and select "Save As)

Does the impact of these specific technical documentation problems keep you stuck?

Take the Bullet Train to documentation success!

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