Amazing! - This System that Gets You Customers, Build a Mailing List, and Followup with Your Customers - All on Auto-Pilot!

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Like it or not, a lot of your customers and prospects ain't getting your emails.

I'll bet $797.00 of my time that by sending out letters and postcards you WILL get your message read and you WILL recoup sales (perhaps a lot of them) that you would have lost otherwise.

You may say, "Marlon, I don't need whatever your newest deal is. How is IT going to make me money I ain't already making? I'll tell you how. It's going to get your message delivered AGAIN to your prospects. And it's going to GUARANTEE they at least see your message and probably read it.

How about them bananas? And if THAT won't make you money, then I can't help you. But if getting your message seen and read by prospects or customers will make you sales, then you'd be a total fool not to act on my newest system.

I don't care if you have just ONE customer or prospect. If you send them an email that gets eaten up by spam filters, you lost whatever revenue you had.

I will guarantee you one thing: If you send them a giant, oversized postcard, they WILL read your message.

I know this: You are losing your prospects and customers like flies due to unsubscribe requests.

Log into your autoresponder account and take a look. People are getting bombarded with spam. And they're lumping YOUR emails in with all the ones they don't want. And they're unsubscribing by the droves.

You want to stop the hemorrhaging? I can show you how. And make it so cheap and brain dead simple, you'd be an idiot NOT to do it.

Know why you need my system instead of trying to do it yourself?

It's real simple. There are only several options other than my system and they all suck.

There are many great advantages to using this brand new direct mail profits system. This is NOT the same old, same old. This is NOT your "fathers" direct mail system. This is the new millennium. Times have changed. And it's about high time someone brings direct mail into the Internet age. No one else has done it. So I've decided to take the lead and bring a whole new awareness, consciousness and profit center to Internet businesses of all types.

Before I go on, let me remind you as I will multiple times that the profits are potential, and not implied as being average or typical of purchases of my brand new course. But you knew that, right?

OK. Back on track . . .
How to quickly, simply and easily build a mailing list of the 200 people most likely to send your sales through the roof, complete with addresses double-checked against the National Change Of Address Database (NCOA).
The killer service I discovered that automatically captures names and addresses for 70% of your inbound phone calls. Drop these addresses into your database follow-up system in a flash. Within several days, they'll have their first postcard or letter waiting for them in their mail box.
How to get names and addresses for your EMAIL DATABASE. You should convert 20% - 30% of your email database into a mailing database based on my research. This is simple as pie to do. It's one of the really cool software programs I've discovered. (Of course, you do have to buy this software separate from the course.)
What the four primary software programs I've discovered are, how much they COST and how they work.

How to drop people into one of four separate database follow up systems with only 2 clicks

How to make your direct mail postcards (large and small), booklets and letter go out automatically -- for up to 30 days worth of mailings at a time!

How to install the 8 week BONDING BLITZ that locks in loyalty from your new customers

You get my "Plug 'n Go" Pre-Made template postcards for your 8 week blitz. They're ready to upload to the automated mailing service.

Should you use 1-sided or 2-sided postcards? What works best? Be prepared to find out!

The amazing software program that will suck names and addresses of targeted prospects off the web for you. These are the same names and addresses you'd normally pay $80 to $100 for. In 1-2 hours you can have a targeted list, ready to mail. AND NO FEAR OF GETTING SPAM COMPLAINTS!

Flawless formatting of your lists: How to take your list of customers and prospect addresses and get them formatted flawlessly, perfectly with updated information -- dirt cheap.

When do you send a postcard? When do you send a letter? What works best and when?

The amazing 2-page direct mail letter that will get people to visit your web site. Blast these out to highly targeted lists and watch the hits roll in.

How to get your postcards and letters sent to BUYERS of products and services like yours. PPC traffic is great. But they are NOT buyers. And sometimes you're still paying 40 and 50 cents a click! I can blast out a postcard to them for $0.27 each! Anyone who says direct mail can't be cost effective is full of it and has a hidden agenda to convince you NOT to use it.

Get actual EXAMPLES of my letters and postcards. And get pre-done PLUG N GO TEMPLATES you can use for your own mailings so you don't have to tear your hair out trying to figure out where to get the templates and how to use them.

How to contact potential affiliates and associates without losing sleep because they might accuse you of spam and cause you to lose your web site hosting overnight. (It sucks when you wake up, type in www and you get an error message cause your web host shut you down.)

The phenomenal software program I discovered that allows you to pre-program sequences of direct mail, letters, postcards, calls and follow ups. These sequences can be assigned to different assistants for auto-pilot operation. This is NOT a program used within the Internet marketing industry. I've gone outside our industry and rigged something else to work like a champ!

How to take a database that's a wreck and whip it up into full-blown, combat-ready status for only pennies per name.

And so much more ..



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