Thoughtstorm® Sessions in Mountain View

RARE OPPORTUNITY – Today, a very small number of Passionate Thinkers are scheduled to attend our Thoughtstorm® sessions to create and develop valuable ideas. (Dinner meetings at 7pm, Mondays in Mountain View.)

This means those special few will get more personal attention and creative problem-solving interaction than can be delivered in a larger, oversold group.

So if you've ever considered becoming one of the CognoScenti (superior knowledge and understanding), now's the time.

Indeed, to make sure our Thoughtstorm sessions stay small (an announcement like this could easily trigger a ton of registrations), I am limiting these sessions to only 7 creative thinkers because each 90-minute session is highly interactive... think MasterMind on steroids!

To qualify for this group, please do the following:

___ Download and read the Thoughtstorm Invitation. (An Acrobat PDF file.)

___ Then, call me at (303) 585-1945 for time, location, and other information. If I am not there I WILL return your call!

Act Fast! I will accept no more than 7 qualified participants for these Special Thoughtstorm Sessions. I haven't held sessions this small since 1990. What an opportunity!

Mike Hayden, Thoughtstorm® Pilot

PS: Don't delay. Of course it costs money. Of course it takes time. Of course it requires your participation. Dial (303) 585-1945 now for details (absolutely NOT a sales pitch). Join out Mastermind on steroids - consciousness combined for better ideas and solutions.