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3 Common Career Sabotage Mistakes -- And What To Do About Them.

1. Common Career Sabotage - You've made yourself irreplaceable!

You struggled for weeks and months, looking and feeling like an idiot until you figured it out your job! Now, your boss says, "You are critical! You can't be replaced!"

So, you get no promotions, and only pitiful raises. You are stuck in a dead-end job. Discouraged. Again!

2. Common Career Sabotage - You're overwhelmed!

You slave 10-16 hours a day. You just can't keep pace anymore. How long can you continue running around like a chicken with its head cut off?

3. Common Career Sabotage - Coasting!

You’re comfortable, enduring until "retirement." Meanwhile, inflation eats away at your paycheck and retirement funds. Coasting leads to atrophy and passivity. Are you just going to lay around like a chicken with its body cut off?

But, things get even WORSE!

  • You agonize over the lack of control of your own workload. This means you suffer slower career development -- but with pressure to do more.
  • You don't have a SYSTEM to amplify your skills into extraordinary results to gain recognition and boost your career advancement.

There you are, stuck again treading water, going nowhere! Worse, you likely endure daily chaos, ugly politics, and destructive alliances that cripple your effectiveness.

Your next career "opportunity" might look to you like an escape, a lateral move, or even a promotion.

  • FORGET about making yourself "irreplaceable!" Instead, make yourself "RE-placeable!"
  • Instead, make yourself upwardly mobile by developing your own Operations Manual so you can train someone else to do your job(s).

Let me explain. An "Operations Manual" is simply a document that tells someone how to do a given job so they can WIN at that position from the get-go!

W. Edward Deming, genius who revitalized Japanese industry, said:

"If you can't describe what you're doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing!"

I agree, what's more I say:

"Nothing is smarter than describing what you are doing in an Operations Manual that shows others how to do it too! Always do this before asking for a raise or promotion!"

Mike Hayden
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