Dear Executive / Manager,

Three Reasons Why I'm the Man you want for Senior Technical Writer:

Mike Hayden

1. Because You Want Documentation That Makes Sense - And Money!

Are you passionate to mobilize your company and its products? Then you'll love how my documentation can MAGNIFY your power to conquer problems, boost your profits, AND abolish your pressure and worry.

(For many managers, documentation is a thorn in your side, a snake in the grass... a rock in your shoe ... your constant source of distress. Still, you know you MUST document your computer systems, technical products, and key business processes. You know you NEED talent, training, time, and tenacity to solve these problems.)

2. Because My "Product" Is Improved Profits For You!

I will help you solve Profit-Purging Problems and seize Profit-Plenty Opportunities. I refined my proven profit-driven Documentation Express System over hundreds of high-tech projects. So you'll get integrated consulting, training, and exclusive products to accelerate your business dreams and maximize your profits.

3. Because My Clients Know That Nothing Is Smarter… And More Profitable… Than Writing Documentation That Makes Sense:

2Bridge, 3Com, Abbott Labs, AMD, Amdahl, Applied Materials, Bank of America, Concept Systems, Crown Zellerbach, CuTek, Diasonics, Geoworks, Harris, IBM, Intel, ITT, JPL, LaserSonics, Link General Precision, Lockheed, Measurex, Qume, Rolm, SRI, Sun, UltraTech, VLSI,... and many more.

Let's become partners in creating new profits for YOUR business!

I am excited about meeting you to demonstrate my qualifications and show you the results I delivered for companies like yours. I am available now at 510-789-5758.

Best Regards,

Mike Hayden
Slightly Famous Author of The Ultimate Career Builder: Turning cold careers into hot opportunities.

PS: I realize all I can ask for is a personal interview for Senior Technical Writer. I would love that chance. If you really want documentation that makes sense and money for you, please call me now at 510-789-5758 to schedule an appointment.

PPS: When we meet I will give you a FREE copy of "The Ultimate Career Builder" worth $147.00! Recruiters: Here's More Information includes client list, case studies, and project briefs, etc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mike Hayden is author of "Organize your Business for Success" and "The Ultimate Career Builder." Download his FREE Business Builder Report (Acrobat PDF file). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~