Are you a business manager who might suffer business losses because you don't have excellent documentation?

If your passion is to develop your company and its products, then you'll appreciate how excellent documentation can help you MAGNIFY your power and control to solve production problems, improve profits, AND relieve your pressure and worry.

I work with managers like you who want to act NOW to solve prickly problems, seize profitable opportunities, and take the pressure off. For many managers, documentation is a thorn in your side, a snake in the grass... a rock in your shoe ... your constant source of distress and worry.

Meanwhile, problems pile up on your desk...

You may be losing your key people, proprietary processes, or intellectual property to competitors... You might require an orderly transition for your move or restructuring... You may need to document your key business processes so you can be certified for a Quality Management System like ISO 9000...

You know that solving these problems takes talent, training, time, and tenacity. But, solving them would bring you peace of mind, save your time, and boost your profits. I would love to help you solve these problems and seize opportunities...

My proven SYSTEM, refined over hundreds of Silicon Valley projects, consists of integrated consulting, training, and exclusive products to help you build your business dream and optimize your profits. My "product" is improved profits because I can help you:

* Solve Profit-Purging Problems, and

* Seize Profit-Plenty Opportunities.

Thus, together we become partners in creating new profits. That's the basis of our win-win relationship. Here are some clients who have used my proven solutions to profitably optimize their people, proprietary processes, and intellectual property:

2Bridge, 3Com, Abbott Labs, AMD, Amdahl, Applied Materials, Bank of America, Concept Systems, Crown Zellerbach, CuTek, Diasonics, Geoworks, Harris, IBM, Intel, ITT, JPL, LaserSonics, Link General Precision, Lockheed, Measurex, Qume, Rolm, SRI, Sun, UltraTech, VLSI, and many more.

They know that nothing is smarter than having great documentation.

Let's talk!

Mike Hayden

Your partner in streamlining your business.