How to Make
Cash Like Clockwork!

"$38,000 in sales" Marlon Sanders is my secret weapon! I turn to him whenever I need help. In the fourth quarter of 1996, his deft advice helped me generate $38,000 in sales. - Jonathan Mizel

Build Your Business Here!

Are you tired of being under someone else’s thumb? Or having others look down on you because they have a higher position in the company than you? The Cash-Like-Clockwork lifestyle means you can kiss those idiots goodbye once and for all.

Do you like to stay up late or sleep in?
Do you like to go the gym when it isn’t swamped with people in the 5 o’clock rush?
Have you had it with driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic?
Do you enjoy a challenge? Prove to yourself and others you CAN do it!

Do you want more out of life?

Are you yearning to spend more time with family, friends or doing hobbies?

Do you want the potential to make more money than you can in your job?

My mission, the reason I believe God put me here, my purpose in life is to save you ten years of your life. To lay out for you the system I discovered, so you can just take that. And use that. Instead of doing it all on your own.

Once you get it, really get it, then you'll likely be in this business the rest of your life. It's a great business to be in. Some of my friends sell as much as 7 million dollars a year. Of course, they have a lot more overhead than I do. My dad had his own business repairing TV's. He taught me to keep my overhead low.

How big you grow is up to you. Maybe you'll be like my friends who have dozens of employees. And are true big shots. Or maybe you'll be a one-person band and run the show yourself. That's up to you.

What's stopping you from getting your money?

You've seen the ads.

You've read the success stories. You know people make money in this business. But where's your pie? Where's your paradise? Where's your piece of the action?

How much is it worth to you to have a web site that churns out sales, cash and profits like clockwork? That generates leads for you all the time, day in and day out, week in and week out.

Now, I make 10-15 sales per day on average. Let's say you could do that. What would that be worth to you this month? Let's say you only did half that. What would that be worth to you? And let's say you did only half that? Would it still be worth the effort?

Keep in mind we're talking only about the upfront sales and leads. Remember that every customer has a referral and repeat business value. Every customer has the potential (especially with our systems) to refer other customers to you. And every customer has the potential to purchase other products and services from you.

What's the repeat and referral business of say ten new customers worth to you over a period of a year? Quite a bit I bet. And I'm just talking about ten customers for only one year.

Well, the good news is, you can keep every dime of the money you make. I don't ask any of that from you.

Let's just look at one scenario. I don't know your business. But for the sake of illustration, let's say you have a $97.00 product. That's something most businesses have. A product or service they get $97.00 for. Obviously, many businesses have products much more expensive than that.

If you make 15 sales a week, that's $1,455.00. In a month, that's $5,820.00. Do you think you could make 15 sales a week of a $97.00 product?

That's for you decide. But if you did, that would be 780 products times $97.00 or $75,660.

But what if you had not just a $97.00. But to a portion of those people, you sold another and another product -- possibly at even higher prices.

Do you think that might all add up to be a lot of money?

How much would you pay someone who could show you absolutely, positively how to make that much money THIS YEAR? Would you pay them half? Would you pay them half if they could show you hands-on, real world how to make that much money?

How about 25%? Would you pay that?

How about 10%?

Well, I can't absolutely, positively guarantee you'll make money. Only the Good Lord can do that. I don't know you, your products nor your business. I CAN and do show you what works for me, what has sold over 7,000 products for me. What generates 100 leads a week for me.

On the flip side, my fee is a fraction of what you'd likely be willing to pay for this potent system. My fee is not $7,500, although it could be worth more than that. I thought about charging $5,000. But I wanted to find something that was so ridiculously low compared to the value that anyone could see they just had to go for it.



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