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Question 2 of 10 - What are the Basic Ideas for building a successful, duplicable "model business?"

It's impossible to produce consistent results in a business that requires extraordinary people.

(Typically, a team of "All-Stars" produces mediocre results.

Why? Instead of using a proven system -- everyone tries to be the BIG star!)

So, develop a result producing system ... a SYSTEM that amplifies ordinary skills and abilities into extraordinary results.

Therefore ...

... Don't waste your time looking for the best widget maker.

Instead, develop a widget making system that ordinary people can use to produce extraordinary widgets. Predictably. Affordably.

... Don't look for the best accountant.

Develop an accounting system anyone can use. Predictably. Affordably.

... Don't look for the best salesperson.

Develop a sales system ANYONE can use. Predictably. Affordably.

... Got the idea?

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