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The Ultimate Career Builder: "The book your boss wants you to read."



Book Store

NOW! Ready to ship direct to you!

The Ultimate Career Builder

"When you're serious about making that BIG difference in your business career... advanced career education..."

Working hard but not reaching your goals?

Of course, you work hard! But, do you fail to reach your goals because you sabotage your own career ... without even realizing it? (I was stuck for years - without a clue - until I discovered this little-known path to achieve career goals!)

(5 minute intro)

Click this link for advanced career education and employment opportunities with The Ultimate Career Builder! Now available with FREE Premium Bonuses and Power Package!


Not quite ready to ship! (But send me your name and email address below for news about the release.)

Organizing your Business for Success

"When you're serious about business development strategy... and custom business application development ..."

Click here to receive FREE Chapter

This book tells you how to build your business from the top-down -- how to integrate your business components into your business strategies.

I wrote "Organizing your Business for Success" as a complement to "The Ultimate Career Builder." These two books are the basis of my workshops by the same name:
The Ultimate Career Builder Masterclass and
Organizing your Business for Success Masterclass

A DYNAMITE combination! Ready to find out more? Send me an email below and I will put you on my "UCB/OBS" list and keep you posted!


We respect your email privacy: We do not sell or rent our mail list to anyone at anytime for any reason.

7 Easy Steps to your Raise and Promotion in 30-60 Days!

 NOW! Save $50 during Author's Special Discount Offer on "The book smart bosses want their employees to read."

by Mike Hayden

Are you a hard working employee who struggles to get a raise or promotion? Do you want to know how to move "up the ladder?" Do you want to start your own business someday? Do you want to be a better business manager?

YES? I wrote this book just for you.

This book is for you if... you're just starting a job and you want to get off on the right foot... you're an established employee but not satisfied with your progress... you're a manager or executive who wants to tell your subordinates how they can "move up" in your company. More information, click here


Amazing Formula

Finally! A Winning Formula for Making Money on the Web!

Read the review of The Amazing Formula by Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D


NEW! The Handbook of Hassle-Free Homecookin'


Are you tired of boring meals?

Do you crave some extra mealtime excitement?

Would you like some money-saving restaurant secrets that work at home?

"Hey Mike, you're a high-tech writer, how come you wrote a cookbook?"

Well, I went to cook school and paid my way through college by cooking in restaurants of all kinds.

This book is NOT a recipe book (WHAT to cook) -- it's about HOW to cook! It's based on my 10,000+ hours' personal experience.

It all boils down to this.

Years ago, I discovered some easy restaurant secrets that helped me cook better meals faster! I improved my self confidence! And, best of all, these secrets helped me take the mystery out of all recipes!

Your increased skill and confidence aren't the only thrill of learning these exciting secrets. You enjoy prestige because you gain an expert's reputation. Plus, you win the praise and admiration of family and friends. For more information, click here.

(ISBN 0-9723725-0-4)

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