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Mike Hayden
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Articles by Mike Hayden

What the hell does a Flamenco Guitarist know about business management, organizational strategies, or technical documentation?

Read below.

Articles about Management

Losing Momentum while others Forge Ahead? Now is the best time for you to create your action plans. Evaluate and sort your plans into three important areas. Immediate action produces immediate results! Is your brainstorming getting the action you want? What is the difference between extroverts and introverts? Are you starting your new employees the right way?

Lack of Operations Manuals stunting your company's growth? If your organization lacks Operations Manuals, your growth and success will be limited. Here's a format you can use to help GROW your company or department.

How would you score yourself on these questions? I'll bet these questions give you some ideas for your business! They will help you develop a result-producing SYSTEM!

(PDF file) Are you vulnerable to this hazardous, expensive problem of Vanishing Technology? The first hint of trouble... Here's a typical scenario of companies that discover that the hazards of inadequate documentation are an even BIGGER hazard when times are tough!

Can you use this scorecard for a major victory in your fight against atrophy? My secret plan that made personal history in goal setting. Don't let atrophy stunt your personal development and well being!

How to Streamline Employees' use of a New System How do you face this kind of employee resistance? Solution A or Solution B. Which do you use? Which is better? You decide.

Articles about Organizational Strategies

Trouble Getting Organized? Why do managers typically neglect to properly design their organization? Because it seems too "ivory towered?" DIS-organization means the absence of organization. What are the symptoms of disorganization? And what can you do to overcome them?

Trouble Getting Organized? Struggling to create your Org Chart? Why do organizational design problems persist? Here are some basic ideas you can use to build a sustainable organization.

Trouble Getting Organized? Problems with Organizing Processes? A military-style Org Chart won't work for certain applications. Why? Because military-style charts can't show sequential processes, define inter-process communication, help eliminate bottlenecks, isolate problems, etc. Here's a proven approach - how can you use it in your company?

Articles about Documentation Projects

How do you know when your documentation is done? Do you have practical guidelines for developing and maintaining documentation? We can trace most documentation problems to poor management of the basic documentation process. Here, I address both technical and management problems, one at a time. Do these problems sound familiar to you?

15 Expensive Mistakes Managers make in Developing Business Documentation Some people HATE to write, some WON'T write, some CAN'T write. So, you probably wouldn't give your documentation project to them. But, do you know what the most expensive mistake is?

The Value of your Business may slip if you don't watch out! Put your business up for sale - although you don't intend to sell it! Do you think that sounds foolish? You might learn, at little cost, that the "value" of your business (or department) is a living thing, likely to shrivel without the care and sustenance it needs.

Benefits of Documentation Could you be missing out on any of these 89 BENEFITS of documentation? Take a look!

Are you Maintaining your Documentation Correctly? What is the documentation life cycle? Documentation projects have their own "life cycle" that extends from conception to obsolescence. Are you taking the right steps?

Lack of Operations Manuals stunting your company's growth? If your organization lacks Operations Manuals, your growth and success will be limited - but you You can use a SYSTEM to write your Operations Manuals! This format really works!

Do you have a documentation SYSTEM that eliminates excuses and embarrassment? Many managers don't get what they want because the people they must depend on to deliver documentation frequently deliver EXCUSES instead! Here's part of a SYSTEM you can use.

Got an idea worth working for - A Case Study. Businesses don't work by themselves; people work. And the thing that makes people work is an idea worth working for. Here's how it worked for us.

The Mobile Server Project - A Case Study The company has deficient or non-existing documentation -- and they're scheduled to release the new product -- worse, all previous work had to be trashed! Here's how tailored solutions solved the problems.

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