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Dissatisfied with your job, position, or company?

Want to get paid for your VALUE?

7 Easy Steps to your Raise and Promotion in 30-60 Days!

Read and use these 7 Easy Steps to your Raise and Promotion in 30-60 Days!

"The book that smart bosses want their employees to read."

Are you sabotaging your raise or promotion?

"I spent myself into $104,000 debt for 2 Masters Degrees - and all I got was this lousy $30,000 a year job!"

Sandy is plenty mad. Management is ignoring her professed "entitlement" to a bigger salary. Of course, her alma mater didn't tell her how to market her skills or how to "move up the corporate ladder."

I don't know whether Sandy's ready...but, anyone can read and apply these 7 easy steps in "the book that smart bosses want their employees to read." Or, your money back.

Are you fed up with wasting your expensive education?

Tired of your dead-end job?

Fed up with working hard yet earning no more than the slowest slug in your department?

Not getting paid what your really worth?

Want to move UP? Or, OUT?

Don't know what to do next?

Let's look to your future ...

You've done it! You followed the 7 Easy Steps to your promotion and raise! Today is your last day in your current job. You hand your Manual and other Documentation to your replacement.

You know your replacement will have no problems inheriting your old job. He won't be calling you with problems. He's happy that you helped him start on a winning track. And he's ecstatic about his promotion to your old job.

With confidence, you shake hands, congratulate each other, and wish each other well. You grab your briefcase, and leave for your new office.

As you walk down the hall, you realize how easy it was. You're even planning how you're going to get promoted again - because now you know a fast way to "move up the ladder."

The valuable time and money saving information in this book will make a tremendous positive change to your approach to business.

It helped me build my entire organization. These same benefits are now available to you because you now have my experience to guide you. The purpose of this book is to give you this information I've proven to be valuable.

Without this book, you could spend five years or more to discover what I know now.

With my assistance, you can be clear about the correct steps to take from the start. Thus, you can quickly earn your promotion while saving time and frustration.

From this point forward please think of me as a friend you have known for some time, so I may speak frankly, as a friend.

Like me, you're probably methodical. I know you value order, neatness, facts, attention to detail, and accurate reporting. You appreciate seeing tables and diagrams. You don't need flowery, emotional language . You want order, analysis, and factual information. You're probably interested in cooperation and service to others. You may be very creative.

You're probably competitive, I know you appreciate real challenge. You're goal-oriented, motivated, and success-oriented. You're accomplished, direct, to-the-point with an eye toward future success. I trust you have a sense of adventure with high values and personal integrity.

"7 Easy Steps" tell you everything you want to know:

And much more, including...

Let there be no mistake - "7 Easy Steps" is NOT:

"7 Easy Steps" demands one essential ingredient from you:

You must be willing to work effectively in your own self-interest.

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Note to subscriber of Profitable Venture Tactics:

If you're a Profitable Venture Tactics subscriber, you know that I give you no-nonsense business management techniques that work. You know you'll get more than your money's worth from this book. You know that I know my stuff.

I promise you'll get information, strategies, and techniques you can use immediately to advance your career and make more money. No fantasy, no guesswork. I give you only practical, hands-on business strategies and techniques that work.

"Dear Mike, I really enjoy our association. I have a new look at things - and new vigor! We're now writing down everything, step-by-step, for our (operations manuals) ... and starting new maintenance classes ... it's fun and interesting. Thanks."

--S.G., VP Sales, High Plains Transportation, Denver, CO.


"... knowing you were available for consulting and tips gave me the security to go about my tasks without fear of being 'out there alone.' Your techniques and skills are quite valuable, keep sharing them!"

--B.J., Consultant, San Francisco, CA.


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7 Easy Steps to your Raise and Promotion in 30-60 Days!

"The book smart bosses want their employees to read!"

ISBN 0-9723725-1-2


OFFER 1: Acrobat File (PDF) Only


100 pages, fully indexed, printable Acrobat (PDF) file


60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee You don't risk a penny.

I'll take your risk here as I KNOW this exclusive information will be more than worth it to you... READ IT, and see for yourself, if it doesn't help you - just write to me and send your completed "7 Speps Workbook", and I will refund your money and you keep the bonus books. No Questions Asked.

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100 pages, fully indexed
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$155 US

100 pages, fully indexed
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