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"7 Easy Steps to your Raise and Promotion in 30-60 Days!"

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Who else is sabotaging their salary raise & promotion at work?

"'7 Easy Steps' is the book that smart bosses want their employees to read!"

Don't sabotage your promotion and career advancement the way I did!

In my first aerospace programming job, I worked four years on the same computer program. I was very proud of that program, which evolved as state of the art technology evolved. I wrote every instruction. I knew that program inside-out. I did a great job.

And I thought I deserved a career advancement, a good raise in salary, and another project!

But ... I had no idea why I could not be promoted! I had no idea of my fundamental career mistake that guaranteed that I would not get a higher salary and new career opportunities!

And my problem didn't end there. It took me many years and many jobs to discover what was wrong. Actually, I wasn't doing anything "wrong." I just wasn't doing the right things to make myself promotable.

Do you know the main reason most people can't get a raise in salary or a promotion?

When you read this free booklet you will learn the main reasons why most people cannot be promoted to better career opportunities and higher salaries. And you will learn how you can avoid the mistakes I made.

  • You will evaluate your current condition. (Fail to do this and you'll stay stuck.)
  • You will examine typical management structures and explore your own career possibilities. (Why you must learn how to leverage this information.)
  • You will get some useful information for building your own organization, should you decide to do so. (How to avoid turning your business dream into a nightmare.)
  • You will know the critical difference between tactical work and strategic work, and how it applies to your management/subordinate relationships.
  • You will know where you are now.
  • You will know where you want to go.

Why do smart managers want their staff to read "7 Easy Steps"?

In this plain-talk booklet, distilled from my book by the same name, I will give you many ideas about what you can do to get your own well-deserved promotion and raise in salary -- turning you and your boss into rising stars -- without fear and ugly politics.

  • The valuable time and money saving information in this booklet made a tremendous positive change to my career in business. It helped me build my own company.
  • These same benefits are now available to you because you now have my experience to guide you. The purpose of this booklet is to give you this information I've proven to be valuable.
  • Without this practical no-nonsense report, you could spend many years to discover what I know now. With my assistance, you can be clear about the correct steps to take from the start so you can quickly earn your career advancement while saving time and frustration.

You will be "ahead of the game!" (With all your experience plus everything you already know, it just doesn't make sense to get stuck in a dead-end job. Don't pass up this opportunity. Take immediate action to set youself FREE!)

BONUS included with "7 Easy Steps" Booklet!

You may distribute this FREE eBook to your associates and customers as a Bonus. Plus, if you respond NOW, I will also send you a FREE subscription to Profitable Venture Tactics (PVT) worth $197/yr. I pack this eZine with tools you can use to maximize your career and personal gains... to help you create favorable outcomes in our dicey world. (You can cancel any time with one click.)

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Mike Hayden

Author, "7 Easy Steps"


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“This isn’t just a book for your next raise; it is a book for building an entire career. It can put a person of average intelligence and skills on the path to upper management in any company or institution ... a life changing process… wish I had read it 20 years ago. It would have changed my life.” -- Stew Walton, President, Sheaves, Inc.

“Mike, Wow, I’m impressed ... glad to see how we are on the same wavelength ... about the many ways we sabotage ourselves ... really an effective hook. Thanks for getting such useful ideas 'out there.' Best regards," -- Elayne Savage, Ph.D., Speaker, workplace consultant, media commentator, author. Berkeley, CA