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11 Reasons you might not want to work with me


1. I am a fanatic about being on time.

You can count on me to be on time. I treasure clients who do likewise. When we work under agreements, procedures, and a code of ethics, integrity prevails and we can produce maximum value for all.

2. I have low tolerance for people who don’t keep their word.

I cherish clients who keep their word. Without integrity nothing really works -- at best, progress slows and mediocrity results. With integrity, we can produce miracles! Nothing "better" nor "more important" will get in the way of me keeping my word with you.

3. I have low tolerance for things that don't work.

Many clients appreciate this because I can help clients debug products and improve processes and services. You can count on my cooperation to make things work better, and to support the purpose, aims, and goals of our association.

4. You might not like my impatience.

Some say I’m overeager, raring to go, and lusting for fast results. On the other hand, I have never met a client that didn't want fast results.

5. You may think I’m too quiet.

I keep my eyes open, my mouth shut. As the "World’s Quietest Salesman," I sold $millions worth of hardware, software, systems, and services. Maybe I can help you sell more stuff, too.

6. You may think I’m "over qualified."

Yes, I have served scores of managers and executives in scores of companies. But, does that make me over qualified -- or more valuable to you and your company? Don’t you want more than narrow departmental experience? Today, most companies demand more responsibility. My job is about knowing my job and other’s jobs. It’s about knowing products, customers, and competitors… packaging, price points, sales process, … and profits. Can you really afford inexperience?

7. You may think I’m too expensive.

If all you’re looking for is a cheap price, I’m not your guy. I know how you feel about getting your money's worth. All of my clients have felt the same way. But, you’re not buying words and skills like a bushel of grapes. And my clients found that I’m the last person to suggest that you take a risk. Scores of businesses have successfully used my service without risk. I’m sure you will like my NO-FEAR GUARANTEE. My higher prices will mean higher value and a much lower total cost.

8. You may think I’m too old.

You might be intimidated because I am older than you are. At my age, I have gained decades of proven experience, knowledge, and vision from working with scores of managers and executives. I work out, eat right, and never take dangerous "FDA Approved" drugs. This means I am in great shape for high performance with no excuses.

9. I tend to overdress.

Serious clothes indicate serious purpose. Money -- my client’s money -- is at stake. The positive impact of a well-cut suit directly reflects my commitment to my career, my organization, and my professionalism. I dress professionally to represent my client’s companies as well as mine.

10. No "college degree."

I went to college for 8 years to learn what I wanted to learn (math & real science). But, I prefer not to be indoctrinated in socialism, political correctness, "diversity," junk science, or how to put a condom on a cucumber. Instead, I spend at least $5,000-$10,000 every year on advanced, professional training to improve my knowledge, techniques, and practice. This helps me to exchange information and ideas to accelerate our mutual performance and benefit.

11. I don't have all the answers.

I am not a know-it-all. If I were to stay with what I already know, I'll never know what I don't know. I am often inclined to question answers. I'm an expert researcher and interviewer of Subject Matter Experts.

8 reasons to hire me instead of an employee.

1. You get my NO-FEAR GUARANTEE of performance.

Results you want or your money back.

2. You need not provide equipment.

I have my own equipment & software, plus the Documentation Express System and operations manuals, proven over scores of projects.

3. You need not provide office space.

I have my own office. It's portable and I am ready to travel. If necessary, I can quickly move to your neighborhood to provide express service - while eliminating my commute time.

4. You need not worry about complex tax and insurance issues.

My company takes care of all taxes and insurance.

5. You don’t pay for my vacation and expensive employee benefits.

I pay for my own vacations and my company provides my benefits.

6. Employees focus on 40 hours per week of "face time."

I focus on results and outcomes regardless of hours.

7. I give you objective perspective based on 30+ year’s experience.

You get the benefits of my success on hundreds of projects in scores of companies. Thus, I offer much more than narrow departmental experience. My job is about knowing my job and other’s jobs. It’s about knowing products, customers, and competitors… packaging, price points, sales process, … and profits. Can you really afford inexperience this time?

8. I am able to cross organizational boundaries

I am effective in many departments like marketing, operations, finance, manufacturing, R&D, product development, sales, customer service, legal, etc.




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